GloPoWriMo for April 7 and 8


The next two poems for the month.


April 7


Trees grow up (how?)

from tiny seeds

watered by time

and shaped by circumstance


Shaped by the movement of the Dao

following instinctual needs

heedless of time

except as measured by Earth and Sun's dance


Roots grow down (wherein?)

into rich Pluto's realm

seeking nourishment

and making nexus with the past


Growing from the gone-before (meaning hides therein)

though history's weight at times may overwhelm

dispensing nourishment

and binding last to first and first to last.


April 8


If I knew long ago

What I know now --

All what lies within my ken --


I have to think (pure ego?)

Somewhen, someway, somehow

The Fates who drive the lives of men


And the curriculum vitae all must follow

Would guide me to give them a grateful bow

That I know now what I didn't know then.