GloPoWriMo for April 3 and 4


Here are the next two poems I wrote for Global Poetry Writing Month. It's interesting trying to get back in the habit, because I used to write poems quite often... I should probably get back into the study of forms and meter and such.


April 3


From where comes

this desire to speak

ten thousand tongues

with countless words?


toki mute li pona tawa mi

dw i'n caru tafod y ddraig

la verda lingvo de mia koro

and the language of the birds


each is a unique window

into the wordless mystery


April 4


Awen! Awen! Awen!

O Muse, I call upon thee!


Grant my tongue flexibility

In the ways that you best know

Grant my mouth the open suppleness

To drink from your inspired flow


Grant my mind to catch the creative

Spark of your genius divine

And my heart to be native

A faithful receptive follower thine.